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پیارہمارہ امر رہے گا یاد كریں گا جہان تو ممتاز ہے میرے خوابوں كی میں تیرا شاہیجیاں

It was built as a tomb for Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of  Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The monument includes a mosque and a guest house along  with a garden which surrounds the monument from three sides. Taj Mahal is a beautiful monument built on the bank of Yamuna River in Agra. It is made  up of white ivory marble.

Mumtaz Mahal was the wife whom Shah Jahan trusted very much. She went with him to  many campaigns. She also enjoyed elephant fights and other such entertainments. She  was the mother of fourteen children and died in Burhanpur while giving birth to her  fourteenth child. Shah Jahan mourned for his wife for a year due to which his hair turned  white and the back was bent. Previously, her body was buried in Burhanpur but in 1631,  it was brought to Agra and again buried in a small building.

There is a mosque on the west side of the Taj Mahal that faces the holy city of Mecca.  Historians believe that the mosque was constructed by Isa Muhammad. There are two  small arches on both sides of the mosque and a portal on its exterior known as Iwan. The  three domes and four kiosks are coated with marble.

FiAfter crossing the garden, people reach the tomb which covers the area of 95 square  meter. People can enter the tomb through a double staircase. There are four minarets each of 137 feet. They are made in such a way that they will not fall on the main tomb  during a mishap or a natural calamity. One letter is engraved on each minar and on  combining we get the name Ar-Rahman which is one of the many names of Allah.

In total, the whole dome symbolizes the throne of Allah as it is supported by pillars at four  corners which symbolizes the flow of grace. The tomb also includes the verses from the  Holy Quran. The tomb is well-furnished with carpets, lamps, silver doors and others

Aurangzeb imprisoned his father Shah Jahan in this fort who looked at the Taj Mahal from  the window of the fort. The distance between the fort and the Taj can be covered in 15 to  20 minutes as the distance between both the monuments is around 7km. Many structures  like pillars, mosques, halls and others are included in the fort.

Itmad-ud-Daulah is the tomb of the father of Nur Jahan, wife of Jahangir. In Indian history,  it is considered as the first monument built of white marble. It is built on the banks of  Yamuna River. The tomb is surrounded by a garden which is a picnic spot nowadays. The  distance between Taj Mahal and Itmad-ud-Daulah is around 11km

Fatehpur Sikri was founded by Akbar. It includes public hall, private hall, a mosque, buland  darwaza and other structures. There is a tomb of Salim Chishti, one of the Sufi saints. Along with these there are many other   The distance between Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri is around 44 km and people can get  there through various means of local transport and buses  monuments that show the culture of different  communities.