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Create Sophisticated Works of Art – Comprehensive Course

Your market for this product:

Everyone who paints with oil paint, and everyone who would like to. That’s millions worldwide.


Why this course towers over others:

Because students learn to create sophisticated works of art.


The BIG problem this course solves:

Glance over the thousands of online art courses and what do you see? An onslaught of quick fixes and hobbyist or amateur results.

The student after finishing those courses is soon frustrated. They realise that they have limited skills. They have learned only to paint the teacher’s subjects. And, devastatingly, they’ve learned only to paint in the style of that teacher.

Instead of becoming an artist, that potential artist is reduced to being a factory worker or a puppet  who reproduces those teacher’s paintings.

Creatively crippled and frustrated, the student then searches for another course to try to “pick up something else”.

So they get a bit of knowledge here, and a bit there, and none of it is good enough to turn them into a real artist.

In a quick-fix world of the modern oil painter, the field of art teaching has become a quick-fix money-spinner for anyone who can point a camera and throw together an ‘art course’.

What happens then? The students eventually give up, and blame themselves for not having talent. Or at best they remain unsatisfied, always feeling they can do much better, going from one course to another.


What is at the core of this problem?

They don’t have the right techniques. Those art teachers do not know advanced techniques, and therefore don’t know how to teach them.

Advanced techniques enable a student to create any subject they want, any way they want.


What is strange?

It is far easier to paint with advanced techniques than it is to paint with amateur techniques.

How is that possible?

Because every advanced technique is extremely easy to do. It’s the combination of these advanced techniques that creates incredible effects. It’s easy too because the student has a professional technique toolkit – they possess the right technique for any creative situation. My students have the right tool for the job.


This art courses teaches all 12 of the advanced techniques of oil painting.

About my courses

I have produced two courses you can sell. One is I think the best art course on the worldwide market. This is called the Comprehensive Course. The second is a Budget Price version of that course.


Both of my courses provide:

1.   Sophisticated art results for the student.

2.   The true professional techniques and knowledge to be able to create the most difficult subject they can envisage.

3.   The tools to develop their paintings in a unique style, and at its most powerfully expressive.

4.   A deep and enriched understanding of the structure of a painting so that they do not need to go nowhere else. They are fully, and professionally, equipped to spend their life creating powerful works of art to the highest standard.



Many of the thousands of online ‘art’ courses that swamp the market also claim to achieve what I have said above. However, that is more for marketing purposes; those courses don’t deliver professional results.

Look closely and you will also see those teachers have not created advanced paintings, and haven’t sold paintings for high prices (if they’ve sold any at all).

There is no regulatory system so anyone can call themselves an art teacher and can make any claims they like.



My courses stand alone

My courses DO fulfill these promises, and do deliver these sophisticated results. And I do have the background and personal artworks to prove it. You will find the results are in what my students create, and the success they have in their careers.

My two art courses have taken over seventeen months to produce. I did the hard work so that the student gets lasting, sophisticated results easily.

Who can do the courses?


These benefit because they are not burdened by poor teaching beforehand. The beginner immediately achieves all of the above, and more.


These recapture the inspiration lost due to the poor teaching they’ve had.


These boost the quality of their work straight into professional realms and now have the ability to create the difficult and complex subject matter that has been eluding them. Their art sales prices boost dramatically.

Look inside a course!

If you are further interested in the nature and quality of my courses, please just ask and you’ll be given a week or so, or whatever you need, as free enrollment where you can get in and experience the course for yourself.

Please see the affiliate support page for more information about what this course does and how it achieves everything it does.


A little about me:

  • Professional artist since 1987, Australia, with an extensive career record.
  • Top sales price, per painting, of $25,000.00
  • Produced the best-selling Fine Art Techniques DVD Pack which sold hundreds of thousands of copies into 38 countries.
  • That course structure is now produced in the online art courses on offer.
  • Author of the book: Guide to Teaching Art. (Available as an ebook.)


After the course – ebook available!

Once a student has finished one of my courses, they can purchase my ebook called Guide to Teaching Art. This book enables the student to make money from what they have learned in the course by teaching art the proper way.

You can sell this ebook along with the courses.


More information is there for you on the affiliate support page.

Thank you for your efforts in going through this.

Please contact me at any time if you need assistance in any way.

Best wishes and happy marketing!



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