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Professional manufacturer of Car and Wood paint

Grateful to find out you are in the market of car/wood paint.

As a professional manufacturer, we have specialized in Car and Wood paint since 1996.

we can supply the paint you need, like Clear coat, 1K,2K solid color, thinner , hardener ,primer , polyester putty , NC WOOD PAINT and PU Wood paint !

.Focused on manufacturing paint over 25 years.

. Car and Wood Paint

. 1K Resin

. 2k Resin

. Hardener

. Primer

. Polyester Putty

. NC Wood Paint

. PU Wood Paint

.Aggressive price.

.Short shipping and delivery time and completely examination before shipment.

.All types of paint are available. Skilled support team.

Made in China.

Co.:Henghui Chemical Coating Co.

Brand: MJ & Kingfix

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